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10 August 2023



What lies ahead for ‘Eddelu Karnataka’? : Part 4

It is imperative to perceive this remarkable development as socialization of societal resistance effort against prevailing challenges and not merely as a congressificaton of opposition. …

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Wake Up Karnataka’ – Impact Created, Lessons Learnt : Part-3

Eddelu Karnataka has successfully established a model of effective civil society intervention. Its efforts have not only brought hope to the people of Karnataka but …

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‘Eddelu Karnataka’ Experience Story (Part-2): Actions Taken by the Campaign

On April 25th, esteemed writer Devanur Mahadeva delivered a compelling speech at a press conference organized by the Eddelu Karnataka Civic Campaign. His rallying cry …

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‘Eddelu Karnataka’s” Experience Story (Part-1): The genesis of this concept

Eddelu Karnataka Appreciation Conference was held on May 26th, 2023 at the Scout and Guides Hall in Bangalore. The saying “For victory all are fathers …

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